"…He loves like he was born with his umbilical cord tied around his neck

And giving him your heart to stand on will never make a man of him

Just a taller boy”

"…She stopped searching for monsters in her closet when she realized

They are brave enough to lie next to you

Sweaty with the stench of another woman’s perfume”

"…The price she pays to stand hand in hand with a natural disaster

He is a suicide bomber with no god to run to

All he has is destruction and a handicap heartbeat”

Dear Stranger,Carrie Rudzinski


Dear Stranger
If you hear this and think it could be about you
Please don’t stop listening
I’m homeward bound and if I have found you
Then it must have been meant to be
Take each word that is more than silence
And place it inside parentheses
You’ll know what to do soon enough

Dear Stranger


Jeanann Verlee performs “Lessons on Loving a Prophet” (by speakeasynyc)

"His own heart will empty him, allow for the bleed"

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